Project Scientific Objectives

A detailed Work Plan has been elaborated to successfully achieve the development of Trainwheels system with the scientific and technological objectives as described in sections 1.1 and 1.3. This Work Plan has been structured into 8 Work Packages (WP) each one, through several tasks and objectives, focusing on one scientific, technical or management aspect of the project. These WPs will be supervised by a WP leader selected by the Consortium for its expertise, who will coordinate the different assigned tasks between all the involved RTD performers and SMEs, oversee their progress as well as the completion of the Deliverables with the respect of the planning.

The methodology of the Work Plan aims at providing a full system by studying the induction and the requested generator on WP1 and WP2, the thermography on WP3, the artificial vision on WP4 and the Engineering for the full design on WP5. Moreover, we ensure we the SMEs uptake the results by working closely together on WP Demonstration (wp6) and ensuring we are able to assemble at TAM facilities the Demonstrator, dismantle it and transport it again to TAM facilities to be reassemble again as a mean of training. TAM, PLUS and TAM shows great complementarity by being manufactures of induction and generators (TAM), providers of artificial vision based thermography systems and cameras (PLUS) and providers of final Non destructive testing (TAM).

R&D - WP1

Led by RTD INSPIRALIA. This WP will be the base to understand the characterization of train wheels and axles geometry and characteristics and also to perform a classification of train wheels surface cracks. WP tasks will provide a report of deliverable with the geometrical and physical characteristics of wheel-sets and surface cracks.

R&D - WP2

INSP will lead as well this second work package over an eight month period. The three tasks which complete this WP are oriented to define and simulate the induction heat source and distribution by simulation, in order to design an induction system for optimal train wheel heating. Task 2.3 is in close relation with WP 3 and WP4 due to the fact that the thermography system components have to be connected. TAM will perform collaboration and supervision work in this WP.

R&D - WP3

RTD IPA will lead this WP in order to carry out a scientific evaluation of thermography method and a design of a suitable testing system to be applied in train wheels. The first task is based on an evaluation of the available thermographic methods for the task. Once finished the first task, the method adaptation will be performed by designing a suitable inspection system for optimal and efficient measuring. PLUS will perform collaboration and supervision work in this WP.

R&D - WP4

Led by RTD IPA but with the assistance of INSP. In the first part of this WP, a crack extraction will be performed for thermographic imaging. In order to complete the work, IPA will carry out three tasks to develop and design pre-processing algorithms. The outputs will be algorithms and software system to detect failures and assist personnel to interpret and categorize results by the thermography system. PLUS will perform collaboration and supervision work in this WP.

R&D - WP5

Led by RTD IPA. This WP will provide a mechanical assembly for the testing system and a prototype design. IPA Mechanical and Computer Aided Engineering department will perform a construction of mechanical assemblies. It will be necessary to carry out a FEM or computer aided simulation of the system and also the components and selected bogies. TAMRAIL will perform collaboration and supervision work in this WP.

R&D - WP5

Led by RTD IPA. The first task of this package will be dedicated to the assembly of the lab-prototype at TAM facility. Then, once the lab prototype will be installed in its premises in Spain, the SME TAM, with the supervision of the RTD performers, will carry out the integration, functional testing and, with the all SME partners, the validation of the system.

R&D - WP6

From the 2 month onwards, the Consortium will focus on developing an Exploitation plan to commercialize the TRAINWHEELS system. This WP, led by TAM, will cover as well the development of a Dissemination strategy to communicate the results of the project within the Consortium, and exploit and popularize the results to scientific communities, municipalities and industrials. In addition to that, it will include the protection of the intellectual property.


This last package is devoted to the Consortium management, i.e. the communication within the Consortium and with the EU, the supervision of the different activities according to the Work plan (meetings, deliverables, and milestones) as well as all the legal, administration and contractual tasks. This work package covers the risk management and the contingencies to ensure that failure to achieve the objectives is minimized. These activities will be run and carried during the lifetime of the project and will be led by TERMO.

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